Cover from the first Messenger July-August 1994.  In the good ol’ Peach and Melon time.

Doyle Welch’s De Leon Peanut Company.  Those were the days.

Bearcats come in all shapes and sizes.  Some play football, some baseball but all of them can tame a Dublin Lion.

He had Elvis’ motion just right for an article about Presley’s appearance in De Leon in the first issue of The Messenger.

It’s his duty to illustrate other people’s foibles.

Charles Chupp’s Drawings

Old De Leon and Theney Highs

The Road West

An old fashion tank Baptism

With the aviator cap and the Ising glass goggles it has to be John Franklin between Charles and Thele

Lyman Forrest Place

And an old fashion hanging

Planting the magic beans

Description of the drought of 1886-87

Digging the cellar

A rider on the Melon Patch Tour

The Mockingbird--State Bird of Texas

Good Ol’ Charles Chupp’s Drawings

Digging a storm cellar

A Comanche Indian

Another way to get beat the lions.

Don’t forget the Early Longhorns

Perhaps his most endearing drawing

Sale of De Leon’s town lots, July 7, 1881

Looks like the fire ants are here to stay.

I keep having his nightmare where next year’s cattle prices make this year’s look good.

Baling hay

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